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Provision of counseling and training for parents on how to treat and handle their children

Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

Reduce the number of girls who get pregnant below the age of 18.

Supporting Kids

Help as many children on the streets with food.

About Us

We are focused to changing the lives of the hopeless kids who reside on the streets of different towns of the country. These kids don't have any nutritious meals, clothing, medication and a chance to education. When you contribute any small amount to support us, you are involved in the great work we do because all that we have mentioned above are then provided to these children. We show them the love they couldn't get from their own parents.

Women and Youth in Need

Ways to Help

Recurring and one-time gifts are valuable to the operations of Women and Youth in need! Recurring donations and one-time donations both provide stability for our operations and current programs, as well as additional resources to help address immediate needs, as they arise.

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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.

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