Women and Youth in Need


We are focused to changing the lives of the hopeless kids who reside on the streets of different towns of the country. These kids don't have any nutritious meals, clothing, medication and a chance to education. When you contribute any small amount to support us, you are involved in the great work we do because all that we have mentioned above are then provided to these children. We show them the love they couldn't get from their own parents.


Women and youth in need is a charity organization based in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that helps street Kids, single mothers and poor families in an East African country called Rwanda. Most of the kids found on the streets leave their homes and decide to come on the streets to get food or beg for food since as they find no another hope for them to get food. WYNN does a great job of reducing these kids on the streets through various projects.
We believe that the more we work hard to change these kids and provide food to these kids and medication then they can prepare their future, then they will be able to pursue their dreams. Each one of these children has dreams to become a very important person in future thus they really don’t know how they will make it but they still have the hope that there is still a chance that they could become what they want to be in future. WYNN provides food to these children and health insurance so that the health status of these kids is on a good level unlike when they are on the streets hopelessly.  



The purpose of the organization is: to bring aide to the street kids and single mothers who are in the east African country of Rwanda. We provide food to as many street kids as we can and also arrange various games at the WYNN fun club. We also provide as many children as we can with the funds to purchase medical insurance. We will aide single-parent family units in providing food, medical insurance, clothing, micro business and just general comfort of life, providing them with necessities so that they can further with their life.

We have a counseling center for the children from the streets who have gone through abuse and harassment, sometimes it takes some time to get the kid back in normal life so that he/she may feel comfortable but we are doing a great job in helping these street kids restore their fun life and vision for their future. Through the process of counseling we also make family visits and also invite their parents to come at the WYNN house so that we may train them on how to handle their kids that have just got back from the streets.   



Our goal is to put an end to child abuse and promote children’s rights. Some parents in the country are still violent through negative way of communication to their own children and use some harsh terms while trying to communicate to their children. We will not only provide counseling to children under this situation but will also talk to their parents a lot of times and train them on how to treat their own children. Some Parents in African countries including Rwanda still decide not to give food to their children as a way of punishment.

ALL these mentioned above have influenced early school dropout for a large number of children and some of them have decided to leave their own homes to reside on the streets begging for food, clothing, money and shelter (adoption). Boys take a large percentage of kids on the streets in the country while girls are forced to start sexual activities that has led to early pregnancy.

As a result of being on the streets these young boys and girls have started using drugs and that is affecting their health status negatively. We are helping these young children and ensuring that they can restore their good life each child deserves.  


  • Help as many children on the streets with food. 
  • Reduce the number of girls who get pregnant below the age of 18. 
  • Provision of counseling and training for parents on how to treat and handle their children.
  • Provision of medical support to street kids. 
  • Reducing the number of street kids at a young age who are using drugs.  
  • Encourage the youth in the country to become job creators by providing enough training and internships for them.
  • Reduce the number of single mothers who sell fruits and vegetables alongside the streets of different town of the country by building them smalls booths where they can sell their products.  

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