Our main objective is to ensure that the kids who are on streets in various places in the country get very good food. Our staff in Rwanda are doing a great job in moving around the towns and villages in the districts and ensuring that these kids get good food. We have these kids invited at the WYNN house for various games and get fruits. While at the WYNN house; these kids get to wash their clothes and take showers. WYNN also provides clothing for these children. We don’t have any limit of the kids we should provide food for but we look forward to providing food to nearly 200 kids a month.

At the fun club we have various fun games and a counseling place by a specialized person. We plan to build a basketball coat and a soccer field since it’s what the youth enjoys most. We will also have fun stuffs for kids to play with around the compound. We also have an indoor gym that is also used as a dance studio. The main reason for this place is to stop the kids on streets feel lonely or ashamed of being with other kids; through this process of having them be with us as we play different games, watch tv and do more other fun things, brings much courage to them and within a few days they start feeling like other kids. Some kids have adopted to use drugs as a way of solving their problems which doesn’t and so at the WYNN kids fun center we have someone that provides counseling to kids who are facing such problems or who have been abused.

Under this program, we make sure the kids from the streets are stand well in their healthy and no abuse comes to them. These kids on the streets have no medical insurance and that has made it hard for them to access better healthcare and treatment. After we take the kid from the street, we take them to a specialized doctor so that they may have their body checked for any infections or diseases. As a result of living on the streets some of the kids have health problems so we have to follow up their health until they are fine.

Single mothers here in Rwanda are girls who got pregnant early at the age before 18. Most of these young girls who have pass through this have been abandoned by their families and they go through a hard time trying to survive as a result of this; the moment their kids turn 8/7 years then they tell them to find how to survive and the kids end up on the streets. The long-term solution to street kids is to help their mothers and teach them how to create their own businesses and make their own money so as to be financially independent. Some of the ways we have helped these families is; providing them with food packages so as to support with healthy nutrition. We have a project of starting up a booth where these women can sell fruits and vegetables and earn money. We want to start a sewing business for them as well since its easy for them to make direct money.


o Starting a farm that will provide milk for the kids who come at the youth center
o Investing in agriculture so that all the harvest can be sold in the booth to make some funds so that we can support the women and their children
o African fun summer time where we will have a lot of fun games and possibly camps so as to show the street kids how special they are.  

Women and Youth in Need

In the video you will learn and know more about Women and youth in need charity. It's charity organisation committed to changing the lives of thousands of kids who reside on the streets of various towns in an Eastern African country called Rwanda. The boy shares a story of how WYNN has transformed him and the whole family while the mom that you will see in this video will share a testimony of how her kids gets to enjoy while the WYNN fun club.

Get to know what the WYNN Charity is doing in Africa towards the street kids.


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